A little about me

My name is Kara and I’m a photographer. I love being creative, connecting with people, and capturing life in all its beautiful mess. I also love fresh mountain air, the salty sea and a good chai tea latte. What lights my fire as a photographer? I’m glad you asked:

I see the beauty in the chaos

I am the mother of three handsome boys that keep me busy. I’m in it and I get it. Raising a family can be crazy chaotic and completely unpredictable. I think that’s what I love about it—I can always find the beauty in the chaos. Families are actually one of my favourite subjects to shoot because it’s fun, spontaneous, and charged with good feels. This skill has helped me in all areas of photography whether it’s your portraits, brand or wedding!

I believe in the power of imperfection

Some of my favourite shots are the ones where the quirkiness comes out.  That real stuff, those in between moments, that’s the good stuff. I feel like it’s my job to capture what makes you, you. We all have things about us that make us unique and I truly believe we should embrace that. It’s not perfect but beautifully imperfect.

I never stop learning and seeking inspiration

I'm a self taught photographer with a serious drive to keep creating and growing. My first son was my inspiration to dust off my camera and together we’ve had five years of learning and growing together. My recipe for success has been a blend of trial-and-error, amazing clients, inspiring workshops, and connecting with a community of insanely talented photographers. I am really proud to say it has been an true and organic process for me.


 Travel Plans 2019

February 10th - 14th Palm Springs, CA

July 18 - 22nd - Westport Washington, USA

July 23- 28th - Kananaskis, AB

August 8th - 12th - Kelowna, BC

If you are in the area at the same time. Lets plan a shoot together!