Preparing for your newborn session


Congratulations on bringing your new baby into the world!

I hope you are all doing well and settling in! Here is some info on how to prepare for your newborn session:

  1. Typically for new mama's I suggest wearing something that you feel comfortable in. As a mama of three, I can totally relate to how you feel post baby and the way you feel is so important. Neutral colors are classic and tend to look best. A lot of moms will wear a kimono to change up the look or add a pop of color through jewelry etc.

  2. Coordinate with your family. Not necessarily matching but think about the colors in your home and how they will look if you print and hang photos on the wall. You would like it to all work together.

  3. For the new baby. I find a simple white onsie is nice for a few shots and then whatever other outfits you would like too. I do stress that simple is better though! Try to find items that don't have any big logos on them or words that could become dated in time.

  4. Try to feed your baby about 30 mins before I can. ( If this doesn't happen no stress at all!) This helps to make sure baby is all nice and full and typically a little sleepy.

  5. If its a chilly day I also suggest turning the heat up slightly in your home to ensure baby is all nice and cozy.

  6. If there are any special items like baby blankets or wraps etc. that you would like to include please have those ready. I don't shoot with props, I only use what is in your home and a few little items I bring along to add some texture

  7. For locations around your house I also tend to shoot in the nursery and we do a lot in the master bedroom if the light is good. Basically having your home as tidy as you can will make for the best photos! Do note that I will move some items around just based on how things are looking or lining up in the photo. This isn't a reflection of how I think your home looks but just more trying to make a photo look cleaner! I do this at pretty much every clients home!

  8. If this isn’t your first baby, I like to tell moms to just expect a bit of chaos as toddlers are typically going through a lot of change in their world when a new baby comes into the picture. I do my best to ensure they are feeling included as well. So we will start with full family shots and the sibling shots and then give the little ones some time away from the camera etc. Then we will focus on your new babe!

Here are a few examples of newborn sessions to give you a bit of inspiration:

Thanks so much and I look forward to meeting your new little one!